Silver Curve Productions is now offering the following services to artists and labels. If you are interested in obtaining additional info, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Note: please do NOT email demos, all artist submissions should be made through MUSIC XRAY.

1. Image Consulting and Branding.
Lack of a defined personal brand and fine-tuned image not only hinders your self-confidence but limits the number of opportunities that present themselves to you in your music career. When you’re ready to share your art and want to succeed at it – you will need to create an authenticity that is unique and true to who you are as an artist. Contact us to help you develop your own personal brand.

2. Press Kit Creation.
A great press kit can help you get noticed and taken more seriously by the managers, labels, festivals and the media. It should engage and inform its readers as well as get them excited about you and your music. We will create an Electronic Press Kit (that can also be printed) that will creatively and concisely list all of your achievements and highlight the essence of who you are as an artist and the message behind your music.

3. Music Recording and Production.
So you have written your next hit song, but don’t know what to do next – we can help making your creative genius come to life. Our experienced team of music engineers, producers and vocal coaches will guide you through the entire recording process and help bring out the best in you. You will walk away with a masterfully recorded and mixed track complete with sound effects and top vocal production including pitch-correction, EQ and analogue compression to create a rich warm sound for a dynamic vocal performance.

4. Music Video Production.
You know how that saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words…” In the current industry – having a music video to the single on your album makes it so much more exciting for your fans as well as aids in broadening your audience which of course directly results in a sales increase. It also puts you in the category of “a serious artist” when approaching managers, labels, festivals and the media. It is easier to relate to an artist when you can get a taste of their world and the message they are sending. We can help you with pre-production including organizing a crew (cameras, lighting, set design, wardrobe and hair/make-up), with the actual production (set-up, filming and directing) and even post-production (editing, video effects and color-correction).

5. Post Production.
Now that you’ve successfully shot your music video – it’s time to make your story a thrilling four minute-mini-movie and add that expensive “gloss” to it which can be achieved by professional editing, video-effects and color-correction. We offer competitive rates and can extend to you a bundle-deal if you get this service together with Music Video Production.