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Sky Silver

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Sky Silver is planning a concert world tour around his augmented reality rhythm video game and movie - "Groove Game" featuring most of Sky's best recordings to date. Sky is currently working on his second album and first comedy feature film! Get ready for some more cool videos coming soon! DOWNLOAD Sky Silver music videos on iTunes:




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DOWNLOAD Sky Silver music videos on iTunes:


Amber Lee Ettinger

Amber Lee Ettinger Amber Lee Ettinger Professional model, dancer and singer, Amber Lee Ettinger is best known as the sultry, politically-linked actress who plays "Obama Girl" in the light-hearted campaign videos that have been viewed by millions worldwide. She even got a Webby nomination for Best Viral Video of The Year. It all began with "I've Got a Crush on Obama," the first in a series that has been applauded by the likes of People Magazine, The Associated Press, Newsweek, and AOL. Amber Lee, a.k.a. the "Obama Girl" continues giving interviews and making TV appearances that highlight the Internet's hottest and most popular stars. MSN named her "one of the 11 Most Influential Women of 2007." She has also received a #1 ranking from E! Entertainment Television as "The Hottest Woman on The Web." Today, Amber channels her energy into her singing career with the release of "Second Time," her debut single on Silver Curve Records—a natural evolution given her lifetime spent in the performing arts. The first single is an original pop/dance song produced by Sky Silver leading up to the release of a full-length studio album, aptly entitled "Queen of The Web." >>Listen/Buy Music


Marketa - L.B.P. Markéta, born on March 15, 1988 is a Czech -born singer, formerly known as L.B.P. With two albums under her belt including "Marketa" and "L.B.P." - she has won multiple music awards and was a contestant of on a Chech version of American Idols advancing through the first rounds. Though she did not make it to the finals, Marketa continues writing songs and touring and is quite successful in her music career. >>Listen/Buy Music

Hip Hop/Rap

II Shae

II Shae Born and Raised, straight out of Richmond, Virginia, Arizz and GabeReal bring their southern swag to the music with lyrical content that will paint a picture of their lives for each and every listener. Being a minority in a genre can be challenging, but it still is no match for the determination of II Shae. Having started from scratch and working their way up one level at a time, they have proved to be a dynamic team destined for greatness. Influenced by southern and northern artists from T.I. to The Notorious B.I.G, to Ludacris and Cassidy, II Shae brings a new light into the entire spectrum of music. Arizz & GabeReal are a uniquely talented duo, merging a great beat with compelling themes and powerful melodies in every track they create. >>Listen/Buy Music



Y2 Young Dre and 2-Tone is the duo consisting of Deandre “Young Dre” Turner and Michael “2-Tone” Moloney. Backed by the bizarre, often rock oriented production - they have developed a raw, emotional sound that changes as quickly as the world around them. In mid November of 2009 2-Tone packed up all he had and moved to Atlanta, GA. On April 2010 Deandre Turner, while still in Peoria, IL was shot in the chest. In an eye opening experience Young Dre and 2-Tone realized it was time to get on their grind because life doesn’t last forever. Deandre got a one way plane ticket to Atlanta and met up with 2-tone. The two have been in the lab ever since to create what they hope to be the next generation’s sound in hip hop. "There’s music with swag on it and there is music with emotions. This country needs more of the latter in order to grow..." >>Listen/Buy Music


Tori Martin

Tori Martin Silver Curve Records represents a wide spectrum of artists at various stages in their musical careers. Among them is the exceptionally talented Tori Martin who was recently signed to the label to promote her debut single, "You Have It." The London-born singer has already made a splash in the UK with an acoustic remix of her single and was even featured on the cover of MAXIM. Currently working on a follow up album, "Under the Radar Sky", Tori is drawing on her vast musical background. Growing up she sang in a church choir in London while taking voice lessons and writing songs on the piano. As a teenager she became inspired by house and techno music and spent a few years DJ'ing and traveling the world. Now she is super excited to explore all that she has learned and put it all together in one album. "Under the Radar Sky" will feature mostly groovy pop/dance songs but Tori also wanted to show her 'softer' side so the album will include several soulful acoustic ballads. A professional piano player, Tori is looking forward to touring and sharing her love for music with the world. >>Listen/Buy Music