About Us

About Us

Silver Curve Records was founded in 2004 and has been acquiring and making music for over 5 years. We specialize in complete artist development, from songwriting to production to marketing, matching creativity with business savvy.

First and foremost, we're focused on the music. Typically, our first step with new artists is to aim for the launch of a single. To accomplish that, we work with two types of artists:

  • An artist who can add their distinctive voice to music and lyrics from our catalog, again being open to creative, collaborative production process to create songs that appeal to mainstream audiences.
  • An artist who can write and sing their own music and is open to creative, collaborative production process to create songs that appeal to mainstream audiences.

We have a variety of songs in our catalog and have been working with dynamic singers, musicians and songwriters across the U.S., Europe and Canada. We provide professional recording and production for every single we launch.

Second, we believe in a multifaceted marketing approach that includes professional music video production. We pair this with an aggressive marketing approach that includes all media, including specific internet platforms designed to highlight Silver Curve artists.

Third, we want to develop careers, not just singles. Our goal for new artists is to produce several songs for each, launch them onto the market as singles, promote them with videos, and then continue recording to develop full 10-song albums. After releasing and marketing singles and albums, we aim to expand our artists' market presence by releasing new material on a regular basis while promoting them across other media, including the "Silver Curve Eclipse" tour, where each artist will have the opportunity to showcase their talent before live audiences, as well as participate in tour merchandising.

The Silver Curve team includes songwriters, musicians, music producers, vocal coaches, dance choreographers, professional film crews, marketing and public relations specialists, booking agents, internet promoters, merchandising designers and other talented personnel available to help develop and promote each artist.

We are devoted to artist development and producing the highest quality music. We take pride in being accessible to artists early in their development and building long-lasting relationships with each of them. By helping our artists make good decisions, we help them grow to their highest potential!